Approved Alternative Providers

Most schools, academies and special schools in Reading, together with BFfC service teams, purchase Alternative Provision (AP) from a wide range of providers. Most of this commissioning activity has been carried out on an individual school basis with varying arrangements for contracting. To support schools with this commissioning activity and maintain a consistent approach to purchasing AP, Brighter Futures for Children (the Company), on behalf of reading schools, has carried out a provider approval process in order to publish a Directory of Approved Providers.

The provider approval process ensures that providers on the directory meet minimum standards, listed in the accordion below.

The provider approval process ensures that providers on the directory meet minimum standards. These are:

Provider pass or fail.

Provider pass or fail on the below criteria:

  • Public and products liability to a minimum indemnity limit of £10million each and every claim. Cover MUST include for abuse
  • Employers liability to a minimum annual indemnity limit of £5million (this is the minimum legal requirement)
  • Professional indemnity to a minimum annual indemnity limit of £5million, with a run-off period of six years.
  • Safeguarding and safer recruitment
  • Equality and diversity
  • Health and safety
  • Business continuity
  • Modern slavery

This must be good or outstanding, or equivalent (pass or fail).

PLEASE NOTE: The directory shows providers who have applied to, and passed the minimum standards listed above, and have been successful in gaining a place on the Company’s Alternative Provision Directory.

It is important to note that although the Company has completed these checks on providers, the decision to purchase any services rests with the school. The school will be required to carry out any other checks that it feels are necessary before placing any child.

This includes carrying out relevant site visits. The Company has not carried out any site visits to providers included in this directory. The purchasing schools are responsible for monitoring students at these providers, and to check the relevant compliancy documents and working practices are being adhered to.

This is not a recommendation list. Schools are free to purchase services from whichever providers they deem appropriate and suitable for each pupil requiring AP, using the school’s own quality assurance processes.

How to use the directory

To make the best use of this directory please see ‘How to Use the Directory’.

Providers meeting the criteria to be included on the directory



Full Time Alternative Provision Part Time Alternative Provision Tutoring On-line Learning Bespoke Provision delivered off-site Additional Interventions delivered on-site Full or Part-Time Alternative Provision for Post 16 Students
1st Staff x x x x x x
Academy 21 x x
Aurora Family x x x x
Catch-Up Academy x x x x
Cranbury College x x x x x x x
ExpertEase x x
Fresh Start x x x x x x
Starting Point (Mustard Tree) x
Progress Schools x x x
Prospero x x x x x x
Remedicare x x x x
Teaching Personnel x x x x x x
Tutor Doctor x x x x x
Tutor in a Box x x x
Winchmore Tutors x x x x x x
Young Giants x x x x x