Business strategies

BFfC Business Plan 2024-25 and three-year strategy 2023-26

BFfC Accessibility Strategy 2023-2025

BFfC Children in Care Sufficiency Strategy 2020-2024

BFfC Reading Childcare Sufficiency Assessment 2023-2024 (PDF)

BFfC Quality Assurance Strategy August 2022

BFfC Care Leavers’ Strategy (Local Offer) (PDF)

Children Placed in the Reading Area (PDF)

SEND Strategy 2022-27 (Local Offer) (PDF)


BFfC Adoption Statement of Purpose 2024-25

BFfC Elective Home Education Policy & Procedure April 2024 (PDF)

BFfC Care Leavers’ Financial Policy (link to document on the Care Leavers’ page, Young People’s Zone)

BfFC Parents’ Guide to Elective Home Education updated 2023

BFfC Children Missing Education Policy March 2024

BFfC Independent Fostering Agency Privacy Notice (PDF) This is a guide for foster carers which states how we collect and use personal information.

BFfC Independent Fostering Agency Statement of Purpose 2024

BFfC Supporting Children with Medical Needs Policy April 2023

BFfC Modern Slavery Statement including Human Trafficking 2023-25

BFfC Private Fostering Policy & Practice Guidance 2023-2024

BFfC Private Fostering Statement of Purpose 2023-2024

BFfC Privacy Notice

BFfC Post-16 Education Transport Statement 2023-24

BFfC Transport Policy 2022-24

Subject Access Request Policy Nov 2022.pdf

Other Reports

BFfC Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

BFfC Ethnicity Pay Gap Report 2023

BFFC Workforce Equality and Diversity Profile Information 2021-22

Ofsted and CQC join Local Area SEND Inspection for Reading July 2021 (PDF) 
(Report as web page which can be read using ReachDeck)

Reading’s Youth Justice Plan 2022-23


Leadership article by Di Smith, Board Chair, in Children & Young People Now July 2021