Policies, Publications and Reports

Business strategies

BFfC Year Two Business Plan 2020-21

BFfC Year One Business Plan 2019-20

Care Leavers’ Strategy (Local Offer) (PDF)

BFfC Children in Care Sufficiency Strategy May 2020

Reading Childcare Sufficiency Strategy 2019-20

SEND Strategy (Local Offer) 2017-22  updated Nov 2019

Policies and guides

BFfC Elective Home Education Policy & Procedures Sept 2020 (PDF)

BfFC Parents’ Guide to Elective Home Education V2.0

Children Missing Education Policy March 2020

Modern Slavery Statement including Human Trafficking 2021-22

BFfC Privacy Policy 2021

BFfC Independent Fostering Agency  Privacy Notice (PDF) This is a guide for foster carers which states how we collect and use personal information

Adoption Statement of Purpose 2021-22

Other Reports

Reading’s Youth Justice Plan 20-21