Information for suppliers providing services or goods

It is important to us that we have a good reputation with our suppliers and that we pay invoices in a timely way.

To help us process invoices and ensure suppliers receive payment on time, there is some important information we need suppliers to provide, so we can reconcile an invoice with a purchase order.

Additional payments

Any additional payments required for example; transport, extra support hours, clothing will only be authorised through the Children’s Placements team once management have given authorisation of spend. Social workers do not have delegated authority to authorise spend. If additional payments are invoiced to Brighter Futures for Children there is a risk that payment will not be made or will be delayed if the authorisation for spend has not come through Children’s Placements via email. In any such case, please ensure invoices for additional/ separate services delivered are invoiced separately. In most instances a new purchase order will be required for additional services.

Exceptional emergency services

There will be some instances where services are delivered without confirmation of a valid purchase order, such as transport arranged out of hours or services received the same day as the booking. In this instance, you will be asked to give the client’s reference number and the person’s name of who booked the service on your invoice. A purchase order will be matched to your invoice separately and progressed for payment.

Invoices should be addressed to:

Brighter Futures for Children
Accounts Payable – Accountancy Services
Bridge Street

All invoices must be sent electronically to:

Invoices that are not addressed to Brighter Futures for Children will be returned to you.

  • All invoices must include the Client ID. Failure to provide the client ID will result in the invoice being rejected and returned to you.
  • All invoices must include a Purchase Order Number (unless the service you have provided is an emergence out hours service). Failure to provide the purchase order number will result in the invoice being rejected and returned to you.
  • All invoices must clearly reference service dates (the period that the service was delivered) and a description of the service. For example placement cost, supervised contact session, additional respite support, transport, allowance.
  • All invoices must include the date of issue. Please also provide contact details (email) to send remittance advice to and;
  • All invoices must contain the supplier bank details for payment.

If you are a supplier we have not used before, you will be asked to provide a letter/statement providing your company address, contact details and banking information to allow us to set you up on our payment system to prevent delay in paying invoices.

If you are agreeing to provide a service for Brighter Futures for Children, please ensure you have all the information you need for invoicing. This information should be shared at the time of booking/ agreeing the service with you.

If you have any queries relating to payment of invoices you can contact the Access to Resources Team at:

We appreciate your ongoing support in helping us to deliver our services in Reading. Thank you.