Our aim is to unlock all the resources in Reading to improve children's lives. You can work with us to make that happen

There are lots of ways we can work together to give children and young people the best start in life. We’re not looking for your support for our statutory services, we’re looking at how we can work with you in other ways.

Our non-statutory services, delivered effectively, can prevent young people from crossing the threshold into statutory children’s social care.

We’re not asking you to help us with services we are paid to deliver. We’re asking you to join with us in a ‘value exchange’, which doesn’t always mean parting with money!

We need to deliver those ‘added extras’ which will make the difference and prevent children and young people from crossing the threshold into costly children’s social care or into the criminal justice system.

We think you can help.

This is about investing in our future generation, in creative and forward-thinking ways to better their life chances.

So, if you are a business with a community or Corporate Social Responsibility focus, an employer, a socially-minded individual who cares, a community foundation or investor and would like to help deliver our vision, we would love to hear from you.

There are many ways you could help. The ideas on this page show you what you could do. Email us if you want to help us make a difference.

Ways you can support us


Work alongside us to give back to Reading communities

Learn more


Invest in our ground-breaking prevention work to help future generations


Invest your time and acumen to help young people find their way


Become Fostering Friendly or support our search for more local foster carers


Give us a one-off grant or support a project which will make a difference


Talk about us, spread the word, help us tap into all available Reading resources


The value in our exchange, whether monetary or time will reap rewards for all


Show you care and help us in our mission and vision for brighter futures for children


Act now and choose us as your CSR, social impact, philanthropic or investment partner

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