Young people’s zone

We may be called Brighter Futures for Children but that doesn’t mean we don’t support young people – we provide lots of services for anyone aged 13+ too.

Sometimes you may be going through a difficult time and need some support or someone to talk to.

Our Mental Health Support Team (MHST) can help.

If you’re worried or feeling anxious or sad they can talk to you and provide direct support to help you with your wellbeing.

They can also talk to your parents and support them to support you, as well as working with your teachers.

Read more on their support here: MHST Leaflet for Young People

There are also lots of apps out there that could help and  support your wellbeing and mental health.  We pulled a list together on some of these on the parents/carers section on this website that could be relevant for you to download too – have a look here.