Young children running

About us

Our main aim is to protect and enhance the lives of the children of Reading. We help families find long-term solutions to ensure children lead happy, healthy and successful lives.

Company values

Antony Kildare, Managing Director of Brighter Futures for Children, said as the company launched ‘We are very excited Brighter Futures for Children is launching at a time when change is needed. We will work closely with partners and a wide range of stakeholders to deliver the best life chances for our children and young people. We also believe there is a critical role for the private sector to play in supporting our young people to gain opportunities whether through training, apprenticeship or employment. We want our children and young people of Reading to have a voice in shaping the kinds of services we deliver.’

Brighter Futures will work closely with partners in the local community and key organisations including the Council, police, public health and voluntary groups.

Our values

In every aspect of our work, we will be:

  • Honest – transparent and open about how we work
  • Creative – not bound by convention
  • Caring – every decision made in the best interest of the child
  • Quality-driven – efficient, effective and professional
  • Respectful – we will value diversity
  • Responsible – a prudent organisation and a good partner, using limited resources wisely