Young people’s zone

We may be called Brighter Futures for Children but that doesn’t mean we don’t support young people – we provide lots of services for anyone aged 13+ too.

There are various teams within our Youth Service that are here to support young people in Reading.

You may see youth workers out and about in different locations in the community.

They work during the day or in the evenings each week to provide you with any advice and info that you may need and can support you to make a positive difference.

As well as seeing them around your local community, they usually have a central point where you can go along and chat to the team over refreshments.

Call 0118 937 6545 or email for more details.

Other teams and support

You may have heard of the following, or we may already be working with you through these services:

Specialist Youth Support Work

If you need support with drug or alcohol misuse, you're a young parent or you are at risk of exploitation or teenage pregnancy, this team will provide one to one support for you.

They work with young people aged 13–19 years and up to 25 years for people with a special educational need or a disability.

Call 0118 937 3641 or email

Targeted Youth Support Work

If you're not fully engaged at school or college, not interested in employment or training or you're involved in crime or anti-social behaviour then our targeted youth support team will work with you.

This team provides one to one support to help you make more informed, positive choices.

For more info, call on 0118 937 3641 or email

Youth Offending Service (YOS)

If you are in trouble with the police or you have been referred by Children's Social Care, YOS will work with you.

They'll help you to make up for any harm that you may have caused and try to help you keep out of more trouble.

See here for more information on this team and what happens if you are in trouble with the police.