Meet Freddie Future

This page is all about Freddie Future, Brighter Futures for Childrens mascot, and the ways he helps children understand what we do


Picture of our mascot Freddie FutureMy name is Freddie Future. I’m the mascot for Brighter Futures for Children.

Mascots are lucky and I like to think I’ll bring you luck, as well as helping guide you to the answers to your questions and to make you laugh too!

Being a mascot means I’m here to help you understand what Brighter Futures for Children does. It’s my job to let you know about the people who work here, who they are and what they’re doing to help you.

I love it here because I know I’m needed.

I pop up all over Brighter Futures for Children and help the staff give important messages to you and your family.

I try to use words you’ll understand and cut through all the grown-up talk that can be confusing.

But the most important part of my job is to always try to be there when you need me and to help to make you smile.

If you can’t see me, I’m still here. I’m all around you at Brighter Futures for Children, sending you good wishes and hugs.

You might meet me because Brighter Futures for Children is working with you and your family at home.

Or, when young children come into care – that means when Brighter Futures for Children become their ‘parents’ for a while until they can go back home or move to a new, lovely family – I’m here to help them and try to make everything okay.

I’ve written a little story to tell you about my friend Jay and how well he got on with the foster family he went to live with. It also tells you about his social worker, Nancy, who’s really nice. Have you seen it? Ask someone to show it to you.

I do other things too. I pop up in the Reading Children’s Centres, helping the staff to read you stories. I also help share messages with your parents – things that will help you, like telling them not to talk on their phones but to talk to you instead!

I’m also on our website, giving you messages and explaining things that your parents, relatives or foster family can show you.

And it doesn’t stop there. I also have a secret superpower – in my tail!

If you ever feel sad, or just want to have a smile, then think of, or look at, the Brighter Futures for Children logo.

There’s a bit of yellowin the middle. Everyone thinks that’s a sun (well, the grown-ups do!) but it isn’t. It’s my tail!

I power up my tail so it shines brightly and helps you to see a brighter future.

It shines bright when I’m happy and, when I’m tucked up within Brighter Futures for Children, I am happy because I feel safe.

That’s what Brighter Futures for Children is trying to do for you too – helping to make you feel happy and safe. So, think of me and smile and, if you have any questions, just ask.

Glowing greetings


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