Contact us

There are several ways in which you can contact Brighter Futures for Children:


Please call 0118 937 3641 and select one of the following options:

Option 1: Children’s Single Point of Access (CSPoA) team to report concerns about a child or young person

Option 2: Access and Assessment team

Option 3: Children in Need team

Option 4: Children Look After and the Leaving Care team

Option 5: All other enquires 


For general enquiries:


Brighter Futures for Children

Civic Offices
Bridge Street
Reading RG1 2LU

You can also contact one of the locations below

Ranikhet Children’s Centre

Spey Road
Reading RG30 4ED
T 0118 937 5221

Southcote Children’s Centre

85 Coronation Street
Reading RG30 3QP
T 0118 937 2535

Whitley Children’s Centre

330 Northumberland Avenue
Reading RG2 8DH
T 0118 937 3894

Sun Street Children’s Centre

Sun Street
Reading RG1 3JX
T 0118 937 4602

Whitley Health & Social Services Centre

330 Northumberland Avenue
Reading RG2 8DH
T 0118 937 6145

Pinecroft & Cressingham Children’s Home

1 Monksbarn
Reading RG2 7RP
T 0118 937 4203

Youth Offending Services

16 North Street
Reading RG1 7DA
T 0118 937 4322

The Avenue Centre

Conwy Close
Reading RG30 4BZ
T 0118 937 6554