Young children running

About us

Our main aim is to protect and enhance the lives of the children of Reading. We help families find long-term solutions to ensure children lead happy, healthy and successful lives.

Our improvement journey

How we got here

For several years, Reading Borough Council has struggled to deliver the quality of social services that the town’s children deserve. Problems with retaining a stable workforce, consistency of practice, and increasingly complex cases were highlighted in an Ofsted inspection in 2016, resulting in a judgment of Inadequate.

Improvement progress

Since this judgement, concerted efforts have been made by the council with the support of a DfE Commissioner to implement an improvement plan. The council took the decision that the company model would provide the best opportunities to improve services and bring new focus to the issues faced by children and young people in the borough.

Over the last year there have been six Ofsted monitoring visits, which have acknowledged improvement efforts whilst reiterating that much still needs to be done.

As part of our improvement journey, we work with an independently chaired Children’s Services Improvement Board (CSIB) which is a multi agency body providing support and challenge to help us improve our services to the children of Reading.

There is real determination at all levels to make Brighter Futures for Children a success – and to improve the lives of children in Reading.