Young children with teacher

Early Help

We work with parents, children, young people and alongside our partners in the wider Early Help community.

What families have said about us

G Family

“If it wasn’t for you listening to us and seeing for yourself, we would never have got the help at last. It was you who asked for xx to come and see us and we as a family are so grateful to you and xx for listening to us and helping us.”

Mother of two children

“I called the CAT team when I was at the end of my tether with my children’s behaviour. It was a last ditch attempt and I didn’t hold out much hope of my children engaging in the process as they are extremely resistant to help, believing, as they do, that no help was needed. A initially won her over with his calm, friendly approach and she found that she really liked him, as did my son. When I heard that A was moving on, I was very disappointed and thought that the process would fall apart for sure, but B came along and managed to inspire and help my children.

For me, I found they were both helpful and really listened before offering advice. They both understood the trials and tribulations, didn’t judge me and just got on with giving sage advice.”

Mother of C

“C has learnt how to keep herself safe on and offline, she has learned how to feel confident about herself, and has built her self-esteem up to say no if she feels it’s not right, also to ask for help when she needs it, C has changed in a good way working with Y she has become helpful and very respectful, and we are all very thankful for her hard work and felt if C hadn’t had her sessions with Y she would have got into situations she wouldn’t know how to get out off, Y has helped me by kicking me up the backside and giving me advice on how to move forward as a family for example with housing, Y has made a massive impact on all our lives and changed it for the better, there isn’t any words that could thank enough.”

Head of Year, Secondary School

“Since working with N, I have found her one of the best Support Workers I have worked with. She is quick to pick -up on issues and can see further than what is sometimes presented. She is both intuitive and perceptive. She is always polite, positive and friendly when dealing with families but will not shy away from saying what she must, however difficult, even if it not necessarily well received. I have found her organised and thorough, always doing what she says she will do. She listens to other Professionals and talks over plans to move things forward.

N is both realistic and practical, which alongside her natural positivity makes it easy for families and professionals to work with her.”


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