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Early Help

We work with parents, children, young people and alongside our partners in the wider early help community.

Parenting groups

We offer parents a range of evidence-based parenting programmes which are managed and facilitated by trained practitioners. There are a range of programmes for parents of children from birth to teenagers to support parents in developing their parenting skills further. We recognise that parenting is a learning journey and from time to time all parents may need a bit of extra information and guidance.

By attending a parenting programme you will have the opportunity to learn positive parenting approaches that are proven to be effective and develop your parenting skills in a supportive environment. The programmes run from 5 to 14 weeks (depending on the programme) and are held in groups at community venues across Reading throughout the year – except during school holidays.

For further information on the programmes described below please contact 0118 937 6545.

Parenting programmes offered

  • Incredible Toddler (Webster Stratton): for parents with toddlers aged 1–3 years
  • Group Triple P: for parents with children aged 4–11 years
  • Incredible School Age (Webster Stratton): for parents with children aged 4–8 years
  • Teen Triple P: for parents with secondary aged children
  • Living with Autism: for parents whose children have received a diagnosis of autism
  • Young Mums: for young parents – up to 21 years

Incredible Toddler (Webster Stratton)

An evidenced based programme for parents with Toddlers aged 1–3 years. The course will support parents to encourage positive relationships with their children. It will help parents to use positive discipline, how to set limits and boundaries effectively and handle any challenging behaviours. It will help parents to develop skills using praise and encouragement using social and emotional coaching. Parents will gain confidence in handling separations and reunions and the art of praise and encouragement.

Group Triple P

An evidenced based flexible parenting programme age 4–11 years. The group is suitable for parents with children displaying potentially challenging behaviour. The group aims to strengthen parent-child relationships, help parents to promote their child’s development and develop strategies that encourage appropriate behaviour. It promotes children’s development and helps parents to understand the root causes of child behaviour problems.

Incredible School Age (Webster Stratton)

An evidence based parenting programme for parents with children aged 4–8 years. This course is aimed at reducing children’s aggression and behaviour problems and increasing social competence at home and at school. This course has shown positive effects on the family unit including building on healthy relationships and targets reducing specific health issues such as anxiety, stress and depression.

Teen Triple P

An evidenced based parenting programme for parents with secondary aged children. The group is suitable for parents with teenagers displaying and/or at risk of developing behaviour problems. The group aims to support parents to deal with risky behaviours and strengthen parent-teen relationships, help parents to promote their teen’s development and develop strategies that encourage appropriate behaviour.

Living with Autism

A 5 week programme for parents and carers whose children have received a diagnosis of Autism. The course provides parents with an understanding of Autism and offers effective strategies for parents to use at home. Topics covered in the course are social interaction, communication, behaviour and sensory needs.

Young Parents

A 14 week course for Young Parents that helps “mum’s to be” prepare for childbirth and parenthood. We deliver this programme because we are aware of the poorer outcomes that teenage parents and their children can experience and the barriers they face to accessing appropriate health care.

The course covers various topics associated with becoming a mother for the first time, such as being a young parent, staying healthy in pregnancy, preparation for labour and delivery, caring for a newborn baby and learning about healthy lifestyles for both mother and baby (other examples below). The course is taught by the Specialist Midwifery Team (Poppy Team) who is able to offer the Young Mums weekly antenatal check-ups during the session.

This award is an Ed-excel accredited Entry Level 3 to Level 1 training programme for young pregnant learners. Three courses are run per year at the start of school terms in April, September and January.

Accredited units covered during course include:

  • Your Pregnancy, the Early Stages
  • How Baby Develops
  • Antenatal Tests
  • Labour & Delivery
  • Birth Plan / Pain relief
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Caring for a Baby up to 6 Months

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