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Under 5s

Our aim is to ensure that Reading’s young children have the best start in life with easy access to maternity, health, education and support services.

We are looking for Reading Parent Champions!

What are Parent Champions?

Parent Champions are men and women who talk to local parents about their positive experience of using local services available to them.

Parent Champions:

  • Inform local parents about the two-year-old entitlement and childcare opportunities in the area.
  • Talk to parents about the benefits of registering with local children centres and accessing family services.
  • Offer support by talking and listening to parents.
  • Work to build a trusting relationship with local parents.
  • Empower parents to make informed choices for themselves and their children.

Is there certain criteria to be a Parent Champion?

Yes, you will need to:

  • live in Reading
  • have a child under five ideally who has benefitted from the 2-year-old entitlement
  • use local services
  • enjoy talking to other parents and
  • can spare 2-3 hours a week?

How can being a Parent Champion benefit you?

  • Receive training in several different areas
  • Gain experience that will support you towards personal goals and employment
  • Be able to give back to your community
  • Develop confidence and transferable skills

Training and support for Parent Champions

Once you are accepted as a Parent Champion you will be given:

  • induction and training to prepare you for your role
  • regular support one to one or as a group
  • essential resources e.g. Parent Champion handbook
  • expenses e.g. travel costs

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Champion, contact Sara Saudella at

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