Young people’s zone

We may be called Brighter Futures for Children but that doesn’t mean we don’t support young people – we provide lots of services for anyone aged 13+ too.

What is Mind of My Own?

The Mind of My Own ‘One’ app is a tool to help make sure opinions from all our children and young people are listened to. You can send messages to your worker for them to see when they are at work. You can tell them whatever you like, for example how you are feeling or something you want to talk about.

Watch the introduction video:

How will it help me?

It helps people in different ways. It’s an easy way to send a message to your worker and to record your thoughts and feelings. It means that you can play a bigger part in the decisions which affect you.

You don’t need to wait to send your message, so you can tell someone how you’re feeling straightaway – but please remember that your worker won’t see your message until they are at work next.

‘Mind of My Own – The Movie’ is a short video which shows when the app can be helpful.

What should I say?

You can tell your worker whatever you like. Some of the things you might want to say:

    • Something you want to talk about with your worker next time they visit
    • Help prepare for a meeting to help you feel more organised and confident
    • Share some good news – if you feel happy or something has gone well
    • Tell your worker what you want or need so your views are included
    • Get help with a problem. Say how you want things to be different
    • Give feedback. Did you feel listened to? How could it be better in the future?

Watch the video below to see how the One app can be used.

How do I get started?

You need to be able to access the internet, for example using wifi or mobile data, so that you can download and use the app on a phone or tablet, or visit the website.

You will need to register the first time you use the app or website on your own, although it is likely that you will use it together with your worker at the beginning and they will be able to help you.

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices. You will also need an email address – your worker can help you create one if you don’t have one already.

Download on the app store

Get it on Google Play

Register or login on the Mind of My Own One website


What can’t I use it for?

It is not designed for emergency situations. Your worker may have given you information about what to do in case of an emergency. If you or someone else are in danger you should dial 999 (or 112). 

You can’t use it for instant messaging or contacting your friends. Your messages are not monitored outside of normal office hours and the app doesn’t receive messages from your worker. If they need to reply, they will contact you in a different way.

What happens if my worker is not at work because they are unwell or on holiday?

Your messages won’t get lost. Your worker will be able to see them when they get back to work. If you need to speak to someone urgently, please follow the instructions that you have been given by your worker.

Why is Brighter Futures for Children using Mind of My Own?

It’s to help make sure your opinions are heard and to make sure you can influence decisions about you and your life.

By having a record of your thoughts, feelings and opinions, we can make sure you are listened to. We are able to make evidence-based decisions and it is easier for you to say what you want or need.

We must take your views into account, and take positive action to achieve this. This is sometimes referred to as listening to ‘The Voice of the Child’. Mind of My Own is a recognised way of helping us meet our obligations to you. The video below explains more.

What do parents and carers need to know?

The ‘One’ app is designed so that children and young people are able to use it independently and confidentially. Help may be needed at the beginning. This might be ‘IT support’ such as getting online, or in terms of getting used to communicating thoughts and feelings.

There are no right or wrong ways of using the app. Everyone has a different way of communicating and it may be easier or harder for some than for others.

Privacy is important. We are careful to ensure that information communicated through the apps is looked after in line with data protection legislation. Certain information is required for the apps to work, including email address and date of birth.

Why are there two apps?

Mind of My Own ‘Express’ is designed to be used with younger children and those who need a more accessible format. This version can only be used with a worker, through their account.