Young people’s zone

We may be called Brighter Futures for Children but that doesn’t mean we don’t support young people – we provide lots of services for anyone aged 13+ too.

Care2Listen – our Reading children in care council

We’re a group of young people in care, aged 12 – 17 years, that make sure we have a voice and are listened to about things that matter to us.

We meet once a month to work on various projects, from making a film for other young people coming into care, helping design logos or campaigning on certain topics. (see below for more on these projects)

By being part of our welcoming and fun group, you will meet other young people who may have had similar experiences to you. It’s great for your CV and there are opportunities to get involved in interviews and take part in competitions to win vouchers!

Don’t worry if you don’t live in Reading and are being looked after in another town – you can still join in virtually and just dial into the meeting. We’re currently doing all our meetings virtually  due to the pandemic.

Here are some more details on our group:

Our projects and campaigns

This is what we worked on in 2019/20:

  1. We made a film with a TV production company in London to raise awareness about being in care and to help other young people. Watch it here.
  2. We wanted to make sure children and young people have everything they need when they're taken into care so we worked with local companies to make a 'first night in care pack', with loads of essential items and fun things included.
  3. To make sure social workers and everyone who works with us listens to us, we made a training workshop, called Care2Listen. It's made up of all the things we want them to hear and understand what it’s like to be a young person in care. We then deliver this to all staff, over three hours.
  4. We wanted to help find more foster carers in Reading so we don’t have to live outside the area so we produced some podcasts that were played on social media during Fostering fortnight. Listen to them all here.
  5. We wanted to make sure we have everything we are supposed to have like passports, lifestory books and suitcases or bags. We now work with a Brighter Futures for Children member of staff to make this happen and make sure we have what we need.
Our newsletters

Have a read of our newsletters for all children and young people in care. If you want to add anything to these newsletters, please let us know through Catie.

April 2019 newsletter


For more info, contact Catie, our Participation Officer:  07843642528 or email Or you can speak to your social worker or IRO who will connect you with Catie.