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Children’s Social Care

We care deeply about the families we work with and put the welfare and life chances of children and young people at the heart of everything we do.


Children Looked After

It is better for some children and young people to be looked after by people outside their immediate family. That is defined as being ‘in care’. When the agreed plan is for this arrangement to be longer term, a social worker from the children in care team will become involved. They will work with the child, family and others to make sure that being in care is as positive an experience as possible.

A young person who has been in care and reaches the age of 18 years should still be able to receive help if it’s needed. Care leavers teams will provide a worker to ensure assistance is offered in these circumstances.

For more information about being in care and the support we provide for young people, please see our young people’s zone here .

Or see our dedicated fostering website here:

We also produced some guides here for children (8-11 years old) and young people (12-15 years old) who have come into care. Click on the images below to read these.

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