Child and parents or carers at home


Adoption is a lifetime commitment to raise a child who, for whatever reason, can no longer be brought up by their birth parents or within the birth family. It’s an extraordinarily rewarding and life changing experience for the families and the children.

People choose to adopt for a variety of reasons. Some because they are unable to have a child biologically, and others who feel they wish to share their family life with a child who may need them.

Adopters become the legal parents of children. When an Adoption Order is granted, adopters assume the right to make decisions about the child and their upbringing. Once adopted, a child no longer has any legal connection to their birth family. The child assumes the surname of the new parents and receives an adoption certificate to replace their birth certificate. They become a permanent and full member of the new family. The Adoption Order cannot be reversed except in extremely rare circumstances, if the legal process has not been properly followed.

At Brighter Futures for Children our adoption service is offered by our regional adoption agency, Adopt Thames Valley (ATV). ATV is a partnership of seven local authorities and three voluntary adoption agencies across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and the Swindon area. ATV works on behalf of Brighter Futures for Children and other partners, to recruit and support a range of adopters, and to find forever families for children both locally and nationally.

If you wish to find out more about adoption in the Reading area or if this is the time for you to begin your adoption journey, please contact ATV on 0800 731 0171 or visit the Adopt Thames Valley website.

You can read our Adoption Agency Statement of Purpose here.

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Child and parents or carers at home


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