Help with school transport and costs

Transport costs

You can apply for free school transport if your nearest suitable school is not within walking distance of your home. Walking distance is:

  • two miles for children under eight
  • three miles for children between eight and 16

You might also be able to apply if your child has a disability or a statement of special education needs.

You can appeal online if you disagree with our decision.
Details of the appeal process are available here:

BFfC School Transport Appeals – Parents’ Guide

BFfC School Transport Policy

BFfC School Transport Code of Practice

You can apply for a replacement school transport pass if it is lost, damaged or no longer scans.

Low income

You should complete a  Low Income Supplementary Form [52kb] if your child lives at least two miles from their school and attends one of the three nearest schools (not necessarily the designated school), and is entitled to free school meals or you receive the highest level of Working Tax Credit.

Post 16 students

There is no legal entitlement for free transport to school after Year 11. However, if you are attending a full-time course at Reading College, have a Education, Health and Care Plan and your end of Year 11 review indicated that you would need help to travel, you will get help.

The BFfC Post 16 Education Transport Policy gives further details.

Higher education

Student Finance now deals with higher education funding. If you are between 16 and 19 and in full- or part-time education or training, check the website to see if you are eligible for help.