If your child is ill, you need to tell the school as soon as possible:

  • what the illness is
  • whether the child has seen a doctor
  • how long you expect them to be absent

If you need school staff to give your children medicine, you need to give them written consent. The Department for Education offers more information on medicine in school.

Term-time holidays

You can only take your children out of school during term for exceptional circumstances – things like family weddings or bereavements. It is up to the school to decide.


If you are having trouble getting your child to go to school, talk to the school. Contact us if you think a child is not attending school when they should be.


Children can be excluded from school for a fixed term – anything up to 45 days in a school year – or, if the situation is very serious, permanently.

Guidance and information about exclusions can be found on the local offer website.

Elective home education

You do not have to be a qualified teacher or follow the national curriculum to home school your child. You need to be aware that the Local Authority does not provide financial support, teaching or schemes of work for elective home education. You will have to buy any text books and other resources, and arrange and pay for exams. The website offers more information about the law in this area.

Choosing to educate your child at home is a big decision and if you choose to do so, you need to let us and – if relevant – the school know. You can contact our advisory teacher for elective home education for further advice by completing our contact form or calling on 0118 937 3840 (Wednesday to Friday during school terms).