Making sure all children across the borough are safe is a key priority for Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC), which is working with partner organisations on a campaign to raise awareness of child exploitation.

The campaign coincides with the National Child Exploitation Awareness Day on Wednesday (18 March), which aims to highlight the issues surrounding exploitation and encourages everyone to think, spot and speak out against any abuse.

Information will be available from locations around the borough, as well as on social media, highlighting to residents the signs to spot for exploitation, with the message: ‘If you see something, say something.’

Training is being provided to staff working in children’s services at BFfC and also to Reading Borough Council, as well as to taxi drivers, who are required take a two-hour session on safeguarding children as part of their licence.

Deborah Glassbrook, Director of Children’s Services at BFfC said: “Child exploitation takes a range of different forms – criminal, physical, emotional, and sexual and involves the manipulation or coercion of young people under the age of 18.

“The job of keeping our children safe requires input from all agencies who work together all year round to prevent and protect all children and young people from any exploitation.

“But everyone has a part to play.

“It is so important to raise awareness of this and highlight all issues so if anyone has a concern about a child or young person being exploited in anyway, they know how and where to speak out.”

Employees from BFfC, the council, health services, voluntary organisations, and Thames Valley Police will also be uniting against exploitation by pledging  support throughout the week and encouraging residents to pledge their support.

Join the campaign to unite against child exploitation – follow BFfC on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and #CEADay20.

For more information or if anyone has concerns about a child they suspect may be a victim of exploitation, contact BFfC’s Children’s Single Point of Access on (0118) 937 3641 or email


 Editors notes

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