Students have been receiving their GCSE exam results across Reading today.

For the second consecutive year, the government said that GCSE exams could not be held this summer because of the disruption students faced due to the pandemic.

Instead, teachers were asked to assess the standard of work each student had achieved in their subjects so the school could determine a grade.

Every young person in Reading who has received their results today should feel proud of their achievements in what has been a stressful and uncertain time. And they should take advantage of the support on offer if they are disappointed with their results.

Prof Dr Kate Reynolds, Director of Education at Brighter Futures for Children, said: “I would like to congratulate all Reading students who received the grades they were hoping for today because it is their hard work throughout the year which has led to their achievement.

“I would encourage any young people who are concerned about their results to contact our expert team at Elevate careers service who can offer advice and support.

“The assessment of pupils’ performance to determine exam results has been one of the many extra challenges our teachers and schools have had to face in the least year. I would like to thank all school staff for their exceptional hard work and dedication throughout the pandemic.”

Cllr Ashley Pearce, Reading’s Lead Councillor for Education, said: “There has been a great deal of uncertainty for young people over the last year with many missing out on lessons at school and on the support they would normally enjoy from face-to-face contact with classmates, friends and family.

“Students in Reading who received the results they had hoped for today should be feeling proud of their achievements. Any young people who are disappointed with their results should seek advice on the many different options available to them.

“I would like to say thank you to all staff in Reading’s schools for the way they have dealt with so many different challenges in the last year and shown such commitment to the education of our children and young people.”

Young people in Reading can access information, advice and guidance from Brighter Futures for Children’s expert careers advisers if they are disappointed with their exam results. The team at Elevate careers service can be contacted in the following ways:

Elevate is also holding a summer networking event next week to give young people a chance to talk to local providers about college courses, training and employment opportunities. The event is being held in partnership with New Meaning on Thursday 19 August, 11am-3pm, in Portman Road, Reading.

Young people living in Reading aged 16-19, or up to 25 for young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities, can book a place by calling Elevate on 0118 937 3766 or by email to:

The Virtual School will be available on results day to support children looked after and care leavers if they require any advice, information or guidance. Please contact Mab Akhter, Virtual School Assistant Headteacher at