What is the Virtual School?

Our Virtual School promotes the education of children and young people in care

The Virtual School is exactly that – virtual! It isn’t a place or a building.

It’s a group of professionals (including a headteacher, teachers and specialists in education welfare) who work with a child or young person in care, as an additional resource to support them and help them get the best outcomes from their school and college years.

We work closely with the school the child attends, a designated teacher at school, the child’s social worker and carer to support them through school or college and to make sure they are getting any help they need.

We also help make sure a child or young person in care has access to other activities that interest them or may help with any career plans.

Designated teachers are specifically trained and support other school staff members to ensure children and young people in care’s particular needs are met and to help them achieve the best results they can.