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Reading families – let’s move more!

We want to help get Reading’s children fitter, healthier and happier by moving more.

Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle when you are young helps set you up to be fitter and stronger in adulthood.

We have launched a campaign called Move More where we are encouraging primary schools to sign up to initiatives which promote physical activity. This can include encouraging pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school and introducing more exercise at school.

But there is plenty that can be done to get children moving more out of school  – and it’s is even more fun when the whole family joins in!

This page will provide you with lots of information, ideas and suggestions for fun, physical activities for the whole family and ideas for healthy snacks and school lunchboxes.

So, get warmed up and join us on our campaign to get Reading’s children moving more.

Here are some ideas and factsheets for you:

Move More – walking, cycling, scooting

Move More – healthy eating

Here’s more info on how we’re working with schools:

Move More – active schools

Move More – School Streets

Move More – walking, cycling, scooting