A campaign to encourage people to choose a career in childcare in Reading has been launched by Brighter Futures for Children (BFfC).

BFfC, which delivers children’s services in Reading on behalf of Reading Borough Council, surveyed local childcare providers recently and found that 75% of respondents had difficulty in recruiting early years staff. This is a problem which exists nationally.

The Choose a Career in Childcare campaign aims to encourage more people to consider a fulfilling career in early years and highlights the opportunities available locally.

BFfC has launched a webpage which is packed with details of the range of childcare roles available, the qualifications required and where you can find more information. There are also details about apprenticeships, training and opportunities for career progression.

Men are also actively encouraged to consider childcare as a career as they only make up a small minority of early years staff in the UK.

Case studies are being added where local early years staff tell their stories of why they love their job.

BFfC’s Early Years team has also strengthened its early years and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) training for providers locally.

This is all being backed up with a social media campaign which highlights the many benefits of working in childcare.

Lara Patel, Executive Director of Children’s Services at BFfC, said: “Working in childcare is such a rewarding career where you can feel proud that you are helping to give children their best start.

“So many families rely on childcare but so many early years providers are struggling to recruit enough staff.

“By putting childcare in the spotlight and highlighting what a wonderfully rewarding job it can be, we hope more people will choose a career in childcare in Reading.”

Visit the BFfC Careers in Childcare webpage at: Under 5s and early years services | Brighter Futures for Children.