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School standards service – NQT induction

Working with schools to support NQTs through their induction year

Reading Borough Council, acting as the Appropriate Body and working in partnership with schools will discharge its’ statutory duties for NQT Induction to ensure that all NQT’s receive their statutory entitlements, a personalised programme of development, support, monitoring and assessment.

At the end of induction, based on the Head Teacher’s recommendation the Local authority, in its role as the appropriate body will make the final decision regarding whether the NQT has met the teacher standards to successfully complete induction.

Key service features

  • In accordance with the statutory guidance on induction we will verify eligibility to complete induction, maintain and update Teaching Regulation Agency records accordingly
  • We work closely with schools and NQTs to verify induction arrangements and support schools making decisions on the outcomes of statutory induction
  • We quality assure schools’ NQT Induction systems and processes to ensure that they meet the requirements for NQT Induction
  • We provide advice, support, training and guidance on the induction of NQTs to Head Teachers, Governors, Induction Tutors, Mentors and NQTs
  • Our service offers advice and early intervention for schools and NQTs where NQTs are experiencing difficulties

Key benefits to schools

  • Up-to-date advice and guidance in line with current statutory induction regulations
  • Designated named contact for induction
  • Quality assurance to verify that school induction arrangements meet current statutory regulations
  • A consistent approach to NQT induction based on good practice across all schools
  • Training and network sessions for induction tutors
  • Portfolio of induction documentation• opportunities to network with other NQTs
  • Subsidised NQT Primary Training package and Recently Qualified Teacher Training package
  • Access to an online website for the registration of NQTs and submission of NQT assessment reports

Our service in detail

Acting as the Appropriate Body for NQT Induction, the local authority will:

  • Fulfil its statutory responsibilities in accordance with the induction regulations
  • Provide a personal and accessible service offering advice, information, training and guidance on all aspects of induction
  • Verify NQT status, register new NQTs and maintain NQT records accordingly with the Teaching Regulation Agency
  • Ensure reports to the Teaching Regulation Agency are undertaken within the specified timescales
  • Make the final decision about the satisfactory completion of an induction period based on the Head Teachers recommendation
  • Quality assure NQT Induction provision through the scrutiny of termly assessment reports, schools’ annual induction self-evaluation, questionnaire responses and quality assurance visits
  • Determine and agree with the Head Teacher if an extension/reduction to the statutory induction period is applicable
  • Provide induction tutors and NQTs with induction documentation
  • Provide NQTs and Induction Tutors with a named local authority contact
  • Advise schools of any legislative change to induction
  • Provide telephone and email support
  • Access to an online website for the registration of NQTs and submission of NQT assessment reports

Also included

  • Free attendance for NQTs at the NQT’s Induction Essential session
  • Free attendance at new Induction Tutor training and network sessions for induction tutors and mentors
  • Free attendance for NQTs, Head Teachers and Induction Tutors at the NQT Celebration Event

For NQT’s experiencing difficulties

  • We can provide a range of additional external support, where appropriate, this includes carrying our third party verification of judgements through a joint lesson observation with a local authority adviser or arranging for an adviser to work with NQTs on a specific area (additional charges may apply)
  • Local authority named contact can support action planning and target setting with Induction Tutor
  • Local authority named contact can provide independent advice and support for the NQT

Service standards

  • Supporting schools and NQTs in achieving satisfactory completion of their statutory induction year
  • Conduct a regular programme of quality assurance visits in line with the Appropriate Body responsibilities as defined by the Induction Statutory guidance


This is an annual service which will be invoiced 50% at the end of the summer term and 50% at the end of the autumn term. Any additional costs will be invoiced at the end of the financial year.

If booking NQT or RQT training courses as part of a package or on a pay as you go basis please refer to the School Standards Service Course Cancellation policy.

Standard terms and conditions apply.

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