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School standards service – Headteacher performance management

Reading – Outstanding school challenge

The Governing Body has a statutory duty to monitor and manage the performance of the Head Teacher on an annual basis. Under the 2012 School Teachers’ Appraisal Regulations, the Governing Body of a maintained school must appoint an external adviser for the purpose of providing it with advice and support in relation to the appraisal of the Head Teacher. Reading’s School Standards Officers are equipped to provide advice to the Governing body about the performance management of the Head Teacher.

Before the start of each appraisal period for the Head Teacher, the Governing Body must inform the Head Teacher of the standards against which the Head Teacher’s performance in that appraisal period will be assessed and set objectives. The Governing Body should use the current Head Teacher standards to set objectives. The appointed Governors will meet with the Head Teacher during the year to monitor progress towards the objectives set.

Key service features

  • Thorough knowledge of how Reading schools operate
  • Excellent knowledge of national and local priorities
  • Ability to identify the individual needs of the Head Teacher and organisational goals
  • Working to help the governing body develop its capacity to carry out effective performance management
  • Evaluation of the needs of all involved and advise on appropriate approaches to meeting those needs as an aspect of on-going governing body activities in relation to Head Teacher performance management
  • The development of organisational capacity for effective performance management
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of the technical and legal formalities of Head Teacher appraisal
  • Priorities of performance management
  • Translation of activities into performance information
  • Incorporation of performance information into management systems

Key benefits for schools

  • Clear and unambiguous procedures
  • Professional learning of the Head Teacher with organisational improvement
  • Supporting the school in identifying priorities, improvement planning and target setting
  • A positive contribution to school improvement
  • Full stakeholder support and engagement
  • Positive management of relations with the Head Teacher and Governing body
  • The setting and monitoring positive improvement objectives
  • Up-to-date and knowledgeable external advice

More details

Our School Standards Officers are well practiced and knowledgeable in helping to sharpen the process as well as clarifying the links between internal and external accountability, Head Teacher development and governance. We ensure through our procedures:

  • A securing and sustaining of stakeholder investment
  • A strategic communication plan
  • A positive determination of the structure of the evaluation system
  • Data integrity and transparency

This service includes:

  • A preliminary meeting between an adviser and Head Teacher in order to discuss achievements and future areas of development linked to performance objective
  • A preliminary meeting between adviser and Governors to assess the Head Teacher’s performance
  • A Performance Review Meeting with Governors, Head Teacher and Adviser, following the meeting the Adviser will provide a summary of the discussion and the objectives agreed

Our service standards

  • The external adviser will have excellent preparation and seek ongoing opportunities to develop professional capacity to work with a range of schools in improving the Head Teacher performance management process and developing the capabilities of all involved to promote intelligent internal accountability
  • Clear and agreed agendas reflecting the individual settings and in line with local and national priorities
  • Recognition that the Head Teacher’s appraisal drives the school improvement process and sets the standard for staff to follow
  • The external officer will combine several roles, helping to sharpen the process as well as clarifying the links amongst external accountability, internal accountability, Head Teacher development and governance
  • Help Governors understand well-constructed objectives through examples and modelling
  • Assist governors in evaluating the integrity and appropriateness of performance information in use and help develop awareness around alternatives and appropriate uses of data
  • Work with governors to develop objectives tailored to the needs of the Head Teacher and the school
  • Work with the Chair and Head Teacher to develop SMART objectives that foster school and individual goals


This is an annual service which will be invoiced 50% at the end of the summer term and 50% at the end of the autumn term. Any additional costs will be invoiced at the end of the financial year.

Standard terms and conditions apply.

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