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Traded services

Our traded services help provide the best learning environments for our children.

School standards service – Governance services membership, training and consultancy

Working with governors to challenge schools to support every child and young person’s ambition to achieve

The Governance Services in Reading has an established reputation for providing quality support and guidance to schools and academies and their governing bodies. As part of the School Improvement Service, the Governance Services team works closely with Head Teachers and Governing bodies to ensure they meet their statutory duties and strengthen their leadership and management roles.

Our service offers Governing Bodies current and relevant consultancy and training to enable them to help the school to set high standards by planning for the school’s future and setting targets for school improvement.

We provide products and services essential to building effective governance and leadership in education settings. Governance and leadership provides the framework for delivering outstanding education and driving up pupil and student performance. Whatever the need of your organisation, our professionals will be able to support and develop your leaders with a range of comprehensive products, delivered by a team of experts.

Key service features

  • Provide up to date, focussed programmes of training and development for governors/trustees and governing boards to help raise standards in our schools
  • Equip governors/trustees with skills and knowledge to be effective in their role
  • Offer support, advice, guidance and information in various ways to meet governors/trustees’ needs
  • Support recruitment and appointment of governors/trustees with the right skills
  • Provide a set of products to support the continuous professional development of governors/trustees

Key benefits for schools

  • Competent and confident governors/trustees who are well informed and up to date
  • Strong governance contributing to the overall effectiveness of leadership and management
  • Clarity of understanding of the role of governing bodies in educational improvement
  • Increased awareness of governing bodies’ accountability
  • Both National and Local perspective on governance
  • Equipping governors with the skills and knowledge to be effective in their role
  • A well informed governing board providing strong leadership vision, and direction
  • Effective governance supporting stronger Ofsted outcomes
  • Measurable improvement in school achievement through improved accountability
  • Improved school financial performance

Our service standards

Our Governance services will:

  • Act as a critical professional friend to the school
  • Help Governors to evaluate performance, identify priorities for improvement, and plan effective change
  • Support the Governors capacity to improve the attainment and progress of all pupils, and to improve other key performance indicators that have a bearing on the school
  • Provide detailed verbal and written feedback to Governors as appropriate
  • Remain fully up-to-date with all local and national initiatives and current policy relating to school governance

Our service in detail

  • Focussed programmes of training and development for governors/trustees, governing boards and Head Teachers
  • Briefing and training seminars for Chairs of Governors and clerks
  • Governor/Trustee recruitment – advice and support
  • School Partnerships, Federations and Academisation – advice and support for governing boards considering these structural solutions
  • Centrally run training sessions as detailed in our training brochure including:
    – New Governor training – full day training counts a two events
    – Finance training for new governors
    – New Chair training
    – New Clerk training
    – Safeguarding training for new governors
    – Training for governor panels
    – Specialist governor training
    – Understanding data
    – Ofsted framework
    – Head Teacher Performance Management
  • Bespoke training events delivered at school to a Governing Body, for example:
    – Roles and responsibilities of governors
    – Ofsted readiness
    – Governors’ visits to classrooms
    – Governors offering challenge
    – Developing effective monitoring and evaluation procedures and activities
    – Visioning with governors
    – Effective meeting health check
    – Consultancy
    – Face-to-face support for Head or Chair
    – Complaints mediation and investigation
    – Preparation for Governors’ Ofsted interview
    – Head Teacher recruitment
    – Facilitation at meetings
    – Specialist advice and guidance for strategic and statutory issues
    – Dealing with parental complaints

In addition we provide

  • Attendance of two governors at Governors’ Briefings held three times per year
  • Attendance of clerk at Clerks’ Briefings held three times per year
  • Information and updates on local and national issues emailed directly to Clerks and Chairs for all governors
  • Electronic copies of existing and future Good Governance Guides
  • New Governors Training
  • Modern Governance online training programme purchased at the LA preferential rate


This is an annual service which will be invoiced 50% at the end of the summer term and 50% at the end of the autumn term. Any additional costs will be invoiced at the end of the financial year.

Standard terms and conditions apply.

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