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Children’s guide to being in care

We are children in care and we have put this film and this guide together to help you understand more about being in care, about the people you will meet along the way and hopefully answer questions you have.

Click on the picture below to watch our brand new film about being in care.

Hi there!

You maybe reading this because you have just been taken into care. We are also in care which is why we have written this letter to you.

Stay calm the chances are you are in a better place now. It is fine to feel scared but hopefully you will soon realise that it is not a bad place at all.

We’ve made a film for you to watch and we’ve written a guide to help you feel better about coming into care.

You can have a good time in care if you want to. Most children that go into care get treats more often than you would think and sometimes enjoy care more than the time they had with their families.

There was a girl who went into care and hated it and then she realised it was the best for her. She got used to the carer and soon felt much happier.

From the Reading Children in Care Ambassadors.

Download the guide here




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