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Children’s guide to being in care

We are children in care and we have put this film and this guide together to help you understand more about being in care, about the people you will meet along the way and hopefully answer questions you have.

Click on the picture below to watch our brand new film about being in care.

Hi there!

You maybe reading this because you have just been taken into care. We are also in care which is why we have written this letter to you.

Stay calm the chances are you are in a better place now. It is fine to feel scared but hopefully you will soon realise that it is not a bad place at all.

We’ve made a film for you to watch and we’ve written a guide to help you feel better about coming into care.

You can have a good time in care if you want to. Most children that go into care get treats more often than you would think and sometimes enjoy care more than the time they had with their families.

There was a girl who went into care and hated it and then she realised it was the best for her. She got used to the carer and soon felt much happier.

From the Reading Children in Care Ambassadors.

Download the guide here

National poetry day is 4 October! To celebrate, we’re publishing a wonderful, thought-provoking poem by M, aged 13, who is one of our young people in care.


Equality we all want it but do we really want to live in a world that is forced upon us. Do we really want to live on a planet that has more segregation than a pizza but each slice bigger than the other, more powerful, bigger ego, higher pay?

I have a feeling many people don’t understand the meaning of fair, white girls complaining ‘’how is it you have better hair than us?’’

Athletes all constantly complaining ‘’ its unfair black people are faster’’

Fair is however not everyone getting the same, it is everybody getting what they need in order to succeed.

To be honest our modern society is like a car dealership, whatever car we like we are judged for it but with 0% APR no money down, we are forced to drive these cars for the rest of our lives. But why is it when I drive my car no one would ever mistake me for my car but when I drive my body people always confuse me for my body not me.

You see when a baby hears the cry of another it cries no matter the race, gender or religion but when we grow older we force feed the labels, black, white, African, Irish but the thing is we never doubt them. You know I am so proud to be a mixed race child, it means two races have come together. This maybe an unpopular opinion but I do believe its too late. We’ve reached an era where people are too stubborn to do what others ask of them.

The thing that worries me most is teachers, the comments I hear everyday and I know they hear the racist sluts but they do nothing about it, but when I speak up to say something all they gotta say is sorry or it was a joke and then its all sorted but it isn’t really because the next day it will continue and so forth.

We never asked for this we never did anything to deserve this, in fact my people lived and died working and serving for you but I will never let that be me, I will never allow someone with no greater features than me control me. Never.

So the next time you judge someone on their nationality or race, think would you even stare at a black piece of paper like that?

The only thing we should separate by colour is washing not people.




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