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For young people

Brighter Futures for Children provides a range of support and guidance for young people.

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This section is for children and young people we work with – that might be with you at school, at home or because you’re a child or young person looked after by us. You may also be a care leaver and we’ve got information for you here, too.

On the left, there’s a list of pages you might find interesting. These include:

Information about the Children in Care Council, which is great fun. It offers lots of activities, adventures and ways in which you can get involved. The Children in Care Council is made up of children and young people who are looked after, and they represent everyone’s views.

A guide to what it’s like being in care put together by the children in care ambassadors. They have put together a video and helped us with some guide books.

Guidance on how we provide support to you when you leave care on or after your 16th birthday.

Mind of My Own is an app which helps you to get in touch with your worker. You can tell them whatever you like, such as if something went well or how you are feeling. We’ve added some videos to show you more about the app and how to use it.