Helping babies born in lockdown get ready for nursery

We've received funding from Reading Borough Council to give extra support to babies born during the Covid pandemic

See below for how to register.

The closure of all of support services during the pandemic meant babies born between September 2019 and August 2021 will have missed out on having the same opportunities as children born at other times. With the right kind of short-term, targeted support these children will have the opportunity to catch up to where their development would otherwise have been.

We know that when children access high quality childcare and children’s centre activities it aids their development and learning. This in turn helps prepare them for nursery and school, which is what the Baby Boost project is all about!

Since April 2022, our two-year Baby Boost for Lockdown Babies project has been providing much needed opportunities for babies born during the Covid pandemic to play and learn with other children.

Learning through play will help them to:
  • Practice important communication skills
  • Develop positive relationships with other adults
  • Take their first steps towards preparing for nursery and school

For more information, call our Family Information Service on:
0118 937 3777 Option 2, or email

Baby Boost programme

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Registration and booking sessions

Our registration and booking process has now changed and will be managed via our parents’ portal.
To register to access the Baby Boost project and to book sessions, you’ll need to create a parent portal account.

How to create a Parent Portal account

Once you’ve created your account, you’ll be able to register and book on to Baby Boost sessions.
Click the button below to go to the home page of the parents’ portal.

Parent Portal

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